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Following his 2013 stint on the show, rugby star Ben Cohen revealed he'd split from wife of 11-years Abby.He was then forced to deny he was romantically involved with former partner Kristina Rhianoff, after the pair were spotted linking arms on a London tube train.

‘I tried to find out what was going through his mind but he’d lost interest in talking to me.After a while, when you're used to eating things like apricots, dates or plain nuts, you don't even feel like crisps and sweets. If you get used to eating healthy food, it's not boring.RYG: Do you eat healthy snacks instead of meals, or alongside them? I'm always hungry around 5 o'clock when it's too early for dinner, so I'll have a healthy option like a banana, light cake, cashew nuts or almonds. I used to think cashew nuts without salt were boring! I don't need to think about weight loss or anything like that.Camilla Dallerup: Diet is very important for a dancer. RYG: How did you come to have such a balanced diet?CD: I used to eat a lot of crisps when I was younger.

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