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You can use similar logic to highlight after office hours (before 9AM or after 5PM) for time values. How about a tip so mind-blowingly useful as to qualify as a magic trick? In this MS Excel tutorial from Excel Is Fun, the 300th installment in their series of digital spreadsheet magic tricks, you'll learn how to use the YEAR, DATE and TEXT functions and the ampersand (concatenation) to create a date label that adds leading zeros appropriately.For example: you send someone a letter on November 1st, 2004 and save it.You open that letter back up on February 2nd to see when you initially send it, but your date code updates to Feb 2nd. We teach more about the automatic date codes in our Microsoft Word 201 course.See how to insert today's date and current time as static time stamp or dynamic values, how to auto populate a column or row with weekdays, and how to auto fill random dates in Excel.There are several ways to add dates in Excel depending on what exactly you want to do.

This tutorial demonstrates various ways of entering dates in Excel.If I'm not lucky, the recipient gets mailed a letter with last month's date on it.Is there any way to automatically make Word update that date when I open the letter?Since dates are represented as sequential numbers in excel, in order to find out how many days are between any given 2 dates, just subtract one from another. you can use to find that it is 22,291 days since India's independence (August 15, 1947). We all know that in order to fill a series of dates in excel sheet, you just need to enter first few dates and then select the range and drag to auto fill the selection with rest of the dates. You can do that easily with Auto fill option - "weekdays only" as shown on the right. Finding whether a day is weekend or weekday is useful if you are making project plans or resource allocation sheets. Often when you are making project plans or reports, it helps if the weekends or after office hours can be grayed out.Having date / time in the sheet is not enough if you can not make it look like the way you want. you may want to show date as "Monday - August 25, 2008". Just select the cell with date and hit ctrl 1 and in the "Number" tab select "Custom" as category and mention "dddd mmm dd, yyy" as format string. You can do this easily with conditional formatting as shown below: In order to do this, we can test whether a given a day is weekend or not in conditional formatting by as weekday() returns 6 and 7 for Saturday and Sunday.

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If you are curious to know how Excel stores dates and times, please check out part 1 of this tutorial - Excel date format.

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