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And they have booked a holiday, for immediately after Christmas. ‘They are going to have to give it a go and take it from there.’ Rumours about the pair’s romance have been swirling for quite a while, and they’re said to have got cosy in the contestants’ house.A bunch of smartly dressed individuals intent on showcasing their entrepreneurial bite with entertainingly outlandish statements; the dramatic sounds of Prokofiev's “Montagues and Capulets” – it can only mean one thing; Lord Sugar’s hunt for a business partner is almost upon us. Lord Sugar back in his boardroom to challenge (and shout at) the hopefuls, and once again is joined by his loyal advisors Karren Brady and Claude Littner to help him decide who to hire and who to fire and the candidates are as outspoken as ever. We’ve done some digging to reveal just who’ll be fighting for the coveted title of The Apprentice 2016.Age: 33 What he does: IT consultancy owner What you probably didn’t know about him: Already famed for his eye-catching monobrow, Karthik certainly isn’t afraid to stand out, stating, ‘If I wanted to be like everyone else, I’d have waxed my monobrow.’ We’re sure Lord Sugar would be raising his eyebrows at that comment…This year’s candidates include Jessica Cunningham – owner of an online fashion company – Essex boy Courtney Wood and IT consulting company owner Karthik Nagesan, who claims if he wanted to be like everyone else, he’d “have waxed [his] monobrow”.Other tasks to expect throughout the series will see candidates devise an advertising campaign for jeans, manufacture a range of sweets, design virtual reality games and host “late night opening” events at well-known attractions.Contestants will compete in challenging, business-driven tasks, more focused than ever on technology and innovation, testing their ability to work together as a team while raising money and awareness for their favorite causes.

Aleksandra King, 38, business consultancy owner Aleksandra owns a business consultancy company and describes herself as altruistic and extremely confident.

Age: 36 What he does: Fashion digital marketing manager What you probably didn’t know about him: He’s described his personality as pizzazz, bang, woosh and bizarrely ‘ping pong’ and he’s ALREADY insulting previous Apprentice candidates, claiming ‘I feel sorry for Lord Sugar because previous applicants have been weak.’ Age: 38 What she does: Business Consultancy Owner What you probably didn’t know about her: She claims she’s like a ‘tasmanian devil’ and she’s also fluent in seven languages. I will get upset by other candidates who don’t know their arse from their elbow.’ Age: 28 What she does: IT recruitment agent What you probably didn’t know about her: Spurs fan Trishna and self described ‘Tomboy’ used to play football semi-professionally, so we’ll be expecting her business pitch to be on target then!

Age: 25 What she does: Children’s clothing company owner What you probably didn’t know about her: The petite ex-pageant hopeful competed in 2013’s Miss Great Britain and is married to Scunthorpe footballer Neal Bishop.

He thinks his cutthroat tactics will help him thrive in the competition but still describes himself as fun.

Dillon St Paul, 37, fashion magazine art director Grainne owns her own make-up business and works across the country on films and fashion shows.

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Advising the new head of the Boardroom this season will be world-class business minds, including investment guru Warren Buffett, one of the most successful businessmen in the world; former Microsoft CEO and Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer; Tyra Banks, a supermodel, actress, TV host, producer, accomplished businesswoman and CEO of the Tyra Banks Company and cosmetics brand, TYRA Beauty; actress, author and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, the founder and chief creative officer of The Honest Company and Honest Beauty; and Schwarzenegger's trusted confidante and nephew, prominent entertainment attorney Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger.

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