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Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and decorated with art by Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Roberts, the look and feel is mid-century glamour and opulence.The restaurant and bar are open seven days a week, with a resident DJ from Wednesday through Saturday.Now he’s going head-to-head with a similarly renowned shredder. Fabio defeated Dave Mustaine by just five votes, our narrowest margin yet.Can this Italian Stallion move on to the next round? I’m sorry, I’m just terribly distracted by how hot he is.However, a recent study found that the app is likely to face stiff competition from rival messaging apps like Whats App and Facebook Messenger, which have 800 million and 700 million active users respectively.In a study of mobile phone habits, about 75 per cent of those questioned admitted to surfing the web, using apps, emailng and texting while in the toilet - with more than 90 per cent saying they had returned calls.Actually, that was what attracted me to the idea of the Squatty Potty initially.I thought it was pretty amazing and crazy that everyone was doing something wrong and nobody was talking about it, whether they were embarrassed, considered it taboo etc.

Imagine if you brought this persistence and motivation to please into, say, cleaning the kitchen?But, I like the taboo, I thought creating a product around toilet posture was funny.The general notion that we should be squatting to poop is hilarious.We all love Troy’s sweet nature, but can his Mastodong compete with the Type O Monster?Former bodybuilder George Lynch outflexed the competition in his match against Harm’s Whey bro. Jeff pulled off a surprising upset by besting the notoriously handsome Nergal.

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Inspired by Revolver Magazine, who, against all odds and relevance, just published their annual collection of the “25 HOTTEST CHICKS IN HARD ROCK”, we’ve decided to reduce humanity to its basest, most bangable instincts.

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