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The successful exploration and subsequent mining of this area of southeast Missouri has earned the Viburnum Trend a global reputation as the second-largest lead mining district in the world.

In 2012, the company began its review process for completing mining in this area of the Brushy Creek Mine.

Based on the data, we estimate tonnage and the ore grade Before a new ore body is determined to have sufficient economic value to mine, several teams evaluate criteria, including ore grade, the distance from existing mined areas to the ore body, elevation and costs to reach the ore body.

As a company, Doe Run maintains a core library dating back to approximately 1949 when predecessor St.

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Environmental control systems and secure shelving protect the collection’s rare and fragile resources, including documents from the university’s original library dating to the 1830s.

Any booking is supported by our onsite House Manager, who will ensure things run smoothly.

Award winning accommodation in 9 courtyard self-catering cottages is also available on the property.

uccessful mining starts with strong investigative skills and sound interpretation skills.

“We are using data to help create a picture of what’s underground, long before we ever sink a mine shaft and cut a drift (underground tunnel),” said George Moellering, exploration manager at Doe Run’s Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling (SEMO) Division.

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