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Please fix the following errors and try again.\n"); //Validate and Save boolean allow Save = true; if (Email() == null && !I need to do form input validation on a series of Edit Texts.In this example we will create an simple Signup form as attached in the screenshot below. Edit Text widget in android allows us to enter data in UI like html web forms.

Well, if it can be done unobtrusively, the next best time to validate is when the user is actually entering the text (this is also where we can implement the cool icon and error message shown in the first screen).I started by working on a small mobile application that would require individuals to enter contact information.Through this exercise, I was able to find some really great resources from all over the web that helped move the process forward.So that we didn't need to reuse same code all over again for each java file (in term of clean code).Unfortunately, I didn't find any example or tutorial for that. And if there is no such technique exist, what are the best practice for input validation? p/s: This thread for find a better way in best practice. Input Validator Helper input Validator Helper = new Input Validator Helper(); String Builder err Msg = new String Builder("Unable to save.

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I like the display cue of the red icon (which can be customized) and the hover text which displays when each field has focus.

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