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Large numbers of Ukrainian Jews also immigrated to the US at the same time, many settling in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn.A significant community of Muslim Tatars from the Crimea is centered at a mosque/social center on New Utrecht Ave. Led by cultural specialists Julian Kytasty (Artistic Director of the New York Bandura Ensemble) and Andriy Milavsky (leader of the Cheres ensemble), the was launched in January, 2007 with the goal of building a common “cultural space” serving community members from the different waves of immigration.The Crimean Tatars are a close-knit, minority population (12 per cent) inside the majority-Russian (58 per cent) Crimea. In 1975 he went on a hunger strike, campaigning for his people’s return to their homeland – he was persuaded to end it after 303 days by another famous dissident, Andrei Sakharov.They were part of a significant minority that did not welcome Moscow’s annexation last year and they retain a strong historical grievance with Russia because their entire population was deported to Central Asia on the orders of Stalin in 1944. Mr Dzhemilev was only able to move back to Crimea in 1989 as the Soviet Union began to crumble.

According to rough estimates their number ranges from 1.5 to 2 million people.In just two short years a number of programs have been introduced to serve the community.An ongoing partnership with the Ukrainian Museum and the New York Bandura Ensemble has brought a regular series of concerts to the Museum that relate thematically to the Museum’s exhibits.Embroidery motifs and their meanings are also examined.The collection belonged to two women, Asiye and Zeynep, and their families, who lived in Crimean Tatar diaspora communities in Romania and Turkey.

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