How to make a a doll dating dress

You can also search by descriptions, like red dress or fur trim.(Results will open in a new window.) If you cannot find your item on this site, I suggest you search for your item on e Bay.

If you have a question regarding a Vintage Ponytail Barbie, please consult the Vintage Barbie Ponytail Comparison Guide.

First you get to make a cute dress-up doll together, then your child gets to play with the cute dress-up doll. I bought everything I needed from my local shop (except the fabric scraps), but you can substitute just about any item we're using here.

And THEN a week or so down the track, when you're all a bit over the dress-up doll and, frankly, each other you can say, "I know what, rather than hitting your sister repetitively for no apparent reason whatsoever, why don't you make a new outfit for Peggy the dress-up doll instead? Don't be afraid to make this out of the scraps you have on hand:6. Once dry, draw on the mouth using the permanent marker, click the clothes into place and off you go!

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This is one of those activities that just keeps on giving.

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The dress can be worn alone with a belt or other waist embellishment, or add a Gathered or Pleated Outer Skirt.

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