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Read More BV is not really music criticism, they are unwilling to get their hands dirty, but they break music story after music story and are completely invaluable when it comes to supporting local bands Read More A song that is your golden ticket to simply be yourself.Think about it, we spend so much time hiding what we feel- this song is your free pass to letting it all out. Expressions - Complete Wrists - Complete I Bet I Can Make You Smile - Complete Virus - Complete Tattoo - Complete Fear - Complete Of Blood, Sex And Elbows - Complete PLOTBUNNIES: Twist Of Fate: People aren't always what they seem, and looks can be deceiving, but what becomes of lies and secrets all comes down to fate. Books and Comics: Way too much fanfiction, Harry Potter, Jacqueline Wilson, Rachel Riley Series, Maximum Ride, Cathy Cassidy, My Booky Wook, John Keats poetry, Twilight, The Mermaid (Hans Christian Anderson) and so many more. We're two halves of one soul, we should always be together...” Ryou’s being torn apart inside as he watches himself lose his yami to the other darks. But when a twin brother to Bakura shows up, Ryou's starting to feel weird around him. Could a cold person like Bakura really have a heart, and will Ryou break it? Ryoux Bakura, Ryoux Touzokuoh Bakura A mix of yaoi goodness, tendershipping! Bakura is pissed at Ryou for being so bitchy, he receives a potion from a strange lady in the park, but when he drops it on Ryou accidently... Eleanor had never recieved mail, especially mail this...colorful. OTP: Ryou/Bakura, Ryou Bakura/Yami Bakura, Tendershipping. TV: Ponderland, Scrubs, Friends, Spongebob Squarepants, Everybody Hates Chris, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Red Dwarf, The Mighty Boosh, Drake Josh, South Park, QI, Fairly Odd Parents, Miami Ink, Jackass, Lenore, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, Mock The Week, Skins, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Argumental, Ruby Gloom, Viva La Bam, Avatar: The Legend Of Aang, etc.So how bold am I to just jump right in here and take a stab at this Soundcloud offering from Pauls forthcoming album?

Suddenly, the spotlight is now turning on the companies selling DIY success, and whether their message is responsible.WARNING - most of the stuff on here is a load of crap cuz i've changed alot.that's me on the left how I look now, age 15. I like some comics, The Umbrella Academy and anything by Jhonen Vasquez or Roman Dirge. Onesided Rx YB, mentioned YYx YBx YMLife's not easy for Bakura, a cursed kitten alone in the world where the weak are shunned. This story parodies every anime sterotype and fandom I can think of, even some non-anime fandoms/sterotypes.I wrote most of my fics as frumpy 12 year old, so.. I'm also on facebook.. COREI have some fics on here too. Kitty I am Khaos Kitty (once known as My Deteriorating Sanity) here on FF, Jessi CORE on most other sites. Music: Shiny Toy Guns, BFMV, Mika, My Chemical Romance, Amy Can Flyy, Millionaires, Lady Sovereign, Robots In Disguise, Dot Dot Curve (, Katy Perry, The Cure, Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears, Horror Pops, Enter Shikari, Fall Out Boy, MSI, Jeffree Star, Hollywood Undead, Porcelian and The Tramps, Michael Jackson, Aiden, IAMX, Green Day, Breathe Electric, The Rasmus, nickasaur! Broken souls usually write interesting stories, didn't you know that? However, things turn around when his reincarnation Ryou invites the kitten into his home, and his life. Ryou looks back on his 2 years with Bakura filled with control, hatred, sadism, and obsession-all leading up to Bakura's ultimate death at the hands of the pharaoh. Rated T for now, some situations might bump it up though, heh. His recording of his daily events and the inner feels that he never thought that he had... Maybe it was because I wanted to know that he could love someone, even if it wasn’t going to be me.I am going to take numbers straight from Jeff's post Top 14 selling tunecore artists sold 6,375,000 Tracks.Tunecore artists overall sold ( this number would include titles from 2007 so pushing the over all per title sales down .

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One night at Malik and Mariks family hotel, 8 year old Malik and Ryou spy on Bakura and Marik doing the nasty, and are so curious that they attempt their own rendez-vous. Bakura musing on how vulnerable Ryou makes him feel. :shudders: Pairings I want to write: Toya/Aki (Ayashi No Ceres) This would be so bittersweet and flangsty. I Love You, Naruto, Love Hina, Vampire Knight, Enzai, School Rumble, Tokyo Mewmew, Tokyo Mewmew A La Mode, .

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