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Over the weekend, Seether posted a few comically doctored photos on their Facebook page, two of which were especially interesting.One being the promo photo from the cover of Seether’s ‘Careless Whisper’ single with Amy Lee’s face where Shaun’s is supposed to be — the accompanying message read, “Weird..Within few period of time, they began playing in several places like the book stores and coffee houses.In 1998, their debut EP Evanescence was released and their second EP Sound Asleep EP was released the following year.These things are making me sick, and could potentially harm me permanently.”It is unknown whether his time in rehab will affect the release date of Seether’s new studio album, set to be out in May of next year.Singer, songwriter and composer, Amy Lee is renowned in the world for being the co founder of the rock band Evanescence where she also serves as the lead vocalist. She is also famous for her soundtrack album, Aftermath.Morgan said in a statement, “I’m deeply sorry that this news comes right before a planned tour, especially one that I was so excited about, and I hope that everyone understands.

So it goes without saying that some of Seether’s Facebook following were confused by a few recently posted photos.

I stumbled upon this today online..” A few minutes later another photo appeared with the message “I love this album…” The image had Morgan’s face instead of Lee’s on the cover of Evanescence’s debut disc ‘Fallen.’ Most likely the guys in Seether were just having fun by posting funny pics they found of themselves online, but some of the comments showed that not all fans got the joke.

You can see all of the goofy pics the band posted here.

But she conformed this engaged the following day at the live broadcast of Much Music's. That year, she co-founded the rock band Evanescence.

Josh Hartzler is a therapist and they were close friends for long time. American singer and songwriter Ben Moody acted as the guitarist of this band.

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Amy who is known for her powerful Mezzo-Soprano vocals was born as Amy Lynn Lee in Riverside, California, United States of America to John Lee and Sara Cargill. In 2003, Amy had serious romantic love affairs with Shaun Morgan. They dated each other for about two years and they broke up in 2005.

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