Walter and kanye still dating

And Hank hadn't been forthcoming with his other DEA colleagues about his investigation, so they might not even know where to look.

There's a tape of Jesse explaining the whole operation, and that tape is just chilling out at the Schraderhaus, but given Hank's history of assaulting Jesse, will any other law enforcement officials believe that Jesse freely gave up that information? Once Skyler involved the police in "Ozymandias," do the dominoes just fall from there? On the one hand, it feels like the only way to end the show is with Walt's death.

These are the 10 Most Successful People With ADHD.10.

And we also know he goes away from ABQ long enough to grow back a decent head of hair and a full-on beard.

What we don't know is exactly how much time has transpired between his departure in the van at the end of last week's "Ozymandias" and his arrival at the Denny's that occurs in the flash-forward in the fifth-season premiere, "Live Free or Die." He seems to be celebrating his 52nd birthday — but why would his fake ID have his real birthday on it? Hank and Gomez are dead, so they can't tell anyone.

There is a common misconception out there that people with ADHD become too distracted to get anything done. Today there's an estimated 7% of adults who are affected by this disorder.

And of that percentage comes some of the world's most influential people.

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That's right, some of the greatest philosophers, athletes and entrepreneurs of all time suffer from this not-so-rare condition.

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