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The Royalton Riviera Cancun is celebrating its one-year anniversary this week.

In the first season, after the opening credits, the Chief introduced Kevin (the show's ACME Time Pilot Squadron Leader) as he made his entrance from the left of the Chronoskimmer. After that, he made his entrance from the right of the Chronoskimmer.

In the second season, after the opening credits, the Chief introduced Kevin as he goofed around in his room, when the Chief said, "Kevin? Three contestants ages 10-14, known as "Time Pilots", competed, and were given 100 Power Points to begin the game.

As you get closer, you get the full view and as soon as you set foot into the lobby, the stunning view of the ocean takes over.

As you drive up the very long drive, it is unimpressive and actually looks penitentiary-like.(i) A Player's total account balance consists of a cash account balance and a bonus account balance.(ii) A Player's bonus account cannot be cashed in but can be used to place wagers. was a short-lived, half-hour spinoff game show based on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, it followed the same theme but with several differences to the format, not to mention the set had been updated to a more futuristic look.

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